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Sound Off Editorial - Sept. 30th 2003


It never ceases to amaze me. Here it is election time. Fine and dandy but check this out. I've heard rumors that one candidate is considering "buying" votes. If you don't know exactly what that means, it goes something like this: the candidate gives you some money to vote for them. How idiotic can someone be? See, the thing about voting is that you go into that booth alone and flip the switch. The candidate or nobody else can go in with you. So hey, if someone is crazy enough to hand me money on the premise that I will actually vote for them, then sure I'd take the money but I'd still vote the way I want and come out smiling. If a candidate is low enough to do such a thing, do we really want them in office? If they will bribe you to vote for them, then how much lower will they go? Buying votes is illegal and if they will break that law to get in office which ones will they break after they are elected? And besides being illegal it's a sad move of desperation. I say campaign fair and may the best person win!