Dear Citizens of Lee County:

This will be my last opportunity to ask for your vote next Tuesday, November 2, 2004. I have enjoyed working in the Lee County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the past 27 years and serving as Clerk for the past year. I hope to continue serving you, the people of Lee County, and promise to continue to provide friendly, efficient and quality service if elected.

I began working with the Clerk’s Office in 1977 as a clerk typist and was promoted to Deputy Clerk and Administrative Assistant and was then promoted to Chief Deputy Clerk IV. In January 2004, I was sworn in as Circuit Court Clerk.

My opponents have campaigned on the promise to modernize the Clerk’s Office if elected. The office was modernized six years ago according to state regulations and the process continues daily. The documents go to image processing after being recorded, making the records easier to locate and print. This process saves space by eliminating the heavy books of the past. The Lee County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is as modernized as a vast majority of the Clerk’s Office’s in the State of Virginia and is more modernized than others.

One of my opponents has promised Internet access to all records. This is a promise that cannot be kept since some of the records must be kept confidential according to law, such as adoptions, juvenile records and military records. The land records are scheduled to go online by 2006, but before land records can be posted and released, they must first be checked so as not to release certain information such as Social Security numbers and other private information.

All Circuit Court and District Court dockets (with the exception of sealed cases) from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia may be viewed at This site also provides information regarding filing fees for deeds, calculations, and Circuit Court forms as well as other information.

I had hoped to make personal contact with each of you before the election, but I had to continue to perform my duties as clerk during this time and had less opportunity to go door to door than I would have liked. I have been honored to serve as Clerk and ask for your support to continue my services to you, the citizens of Lee County, Virginia.

It is important that you go out and vote; your vote does count. I would very much appreciate your vote on Tuesday as Circuit Court Clerk.

Beverly Rogers Anderson

P.S. If you have no transportation to the polls, contact me and I will do what I can to help.

Rt. 1 Box 360
Pennington Gap, VA 24277
Home: 383-4758 or Office: 346-7763