Who manages this site?

A private citizen that wishes to remain anonymous. I am not politically motivated, nor do I belong to any political party, nor do I have family in political office.

Do you make any money from it?

Nope, not one red cent or one thin dime. I'm not a member of any affiliate programs. The only advertising banner on there, (at the top or any pop up ads), is automatic from Tripod in return for providing the free webspace. Any other banners you may see, I place there because I think they are a valuable service or interesting site, but I don't get paid for doing it. I wish I did, hehehe.

Then why do you do it?

Because I enjoy building webpages, and Pennington is also my hometown. I wanted to create a site that people would be interested in visiting and interacting with other visitors or loved ones that have moved away.

Are you in any way associated with the official Town of Pennington Gap site?

Nope, I'm just a private citizen with a computer at home that is fortunate enough to have some free time on my hands to play online.

Can I contact you?

Sure, just click on the swinging Email sign on the site to be taken to an email form that doesn't even require your email address, unless of course you want me to answer you back. Or you can email me directly at pgapgal@hotmail.com

Would you keep my address private?

Absolutely. I hate spam and would never be party to it. I don't want my address spread around and I would give you the same courtesy.

Will you be updating the site often?

As often as I can. I try to find new and interesting things to add. I will continue to do so as long as I can see that people are showing an interest in the site.