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Divorces in 2003

Granted at Lee County Circuit Court

Roy Mark Jessee and Cortney Wynn Williams Jessee, Nov. 6.

Stephanie Renea Cope and Richard Douglas Cope Jr., Nov. 13.

Tammy Anne Reed Short and Michael Lee Short, Nov. 13.

Jan Rose Edds Carswell and Bobby Gene Carswell, Nov. 14.

Jackie Lee Bryant and Tina Lynn Wilder Bryant, Nov. 18.

Genevieve Edds Slover and Ernest Martin Slover, Nov. 19.

Jerry Lee Jones and Sonya Monique Bowers Jones, Oct. 2.

Deborah S. Stafford Carter and John Edward Carter, Oct. 2.

Terri Beth Bailey and Vance Dean Bailey, Oct. 2.

Susan Ann Martin Partin and Luther Garrett Partin, Oct. 2.

Penny Gail Littrell and Timothy Earl Littrell, Oct. 16.

Rita Lorene Barnett and Earnest Echo Barnett, Oct. 17.

Kevin Ray Cooper and Vickie L. Newman Cooper, Oct. 23.

Dawn T. Long and Earl Richard Wright, Oct. 28.

Wayne Edward Paul and Teresa Ann Jones Paul, Oct. 29.

Carmella Denise Jones and Eric Monroe Jones, Oct. 29.

Benjamin L. Turner and Stephanie Johnson Turner, Sept. 2.

Christopher Joseph Nuxoll and Darlene Amy Tignor Nuxoll, Sept. 10.

Melissa Carver Hedrick and Dennis Steven Hedrick, Sept. 10.

Donna Gale Brewer and Leonard Habern Brewer, Sept. 11.

Johnny Lee Mullins and Cindy Scalf Mullins, Sept. 17.

David Harold Smith and Marti Greentree Smith, Sept. 23.

Joe Bud Eldridge and Frankie Noreen Eldridge, Sept. 23.

Angela Kay Spears Burris and Randy Thomas Burris, Sept. 27.

Mary Evelyn Pace Garrett and Denis Auburn Garrett, Sept. 29.

Lisa Ann Fee Hill and Jackie Phillip Hill, Sept. 29.

Michael James Gunn and Hope Renay Madden Gunn, Aug. 4.

April A. Clawson and Michael A. Clawson, Aug. 11.

Donald Lynwood Stafford and Cathy Ann Pace Stafford, Aug. 13.

Mandy Nicole Rogers Muse and Steven Junior Muse, Aug. 22.

Charles Allen Greer and Laura Renee Hensley Greer, Aug. 22.

Feleshia Gail Lawson and Charles Lee Marshall Lawson, Aug. 27.

Jonathan Michael Woodard and Sonia Marlene Jones Woodard, Aug. 27.

Erica Lynn Pauley Owens and Glen Owens Jr., Aug. 28.

Julie Dawn Jessee and James Edward Jessee, May 5.

Lisa Marie Harber and Steven Durham Harber, May 6.

Pamela Diane Cox Pridemore and Gary Wayne Pridemore, May 9.

Bufford David Hinkle and Michelle Annette Dillman Hinkle, May 15.

Connie Lynn Pace and Timothy Ray Pace, May 15.

Ronnie Glenn Bailey and Gilda Jean Owen Bailey, May 15.

Andrew Jackson McQueen Jr. and Regina Lynn Clark McQueen, May 16.

Nicky Dallas Williams and Adynah L. Smith Williams, May 16.

Rachel Diane Morrson Combs and John Cephas Combs, May 19.

David L. Ely and Helen F. Ely, May 23.

William Danny Lewis Jr. and Mirand Renee Mullins Lewis, May 27.

Charles David Roark and Betty Sue Nida Roark, May 27.

Hubert Shane Martin and Sheila Denise Allen Martin, May 29.

Lisa Faye Littrell Ayers and Dennis Ray Ayers, May 29.

James Lee Lane and Tonia Genell Garrett Lane, May 29.

Lloyd Verlin Hensley and Kathi Sharon Lee Hensley, May 30.

Brenda Starr Galloway Lambert and Joseph Eugene Lambert, Jan. 6.

Carter Howard Jr. and Velvia Marie Bailey Howard, Jan. 6.

Joe George Johnson and Sandra K. Wells Johnson, Jan. 7.

Michelle Ann Hess and Joseph Eugene Hess, Jan. 7.

Elizabeth Geneve Brewer and James Howard Brewer, Jan. 10.

Alice Louise Roberts and Clyde Roberts, Jan. 13.

Fred Dewayne Ellis and Teresa Rose Taylor Ellis, Jan. 14.

Kathlene Long Livesay and Rex Livesay, Jan. 14.

Brenda Smith Lasley and Roy Thomas Lasley, Jan. 15.

Yvonne Sue Spence Deflumeri and Rodney Keith Deflumeri, Jan. 16.

Lora Rinehart Burns and Howard Ray Burns, Jan. 24.

Sherry Michelle Johnson Owens and Michael Edward Owens, Jan. 27.

Charlene Webb Oaks and Garland Ray Oaks, Jan. 27.

Wilma G. Light and Gregory Lynn Light, Jan 29.