Below are sites that will donate to these causes just by you clicking a button. The donations are paid for by sponsors. There's nothing to sign up for and absolutely NO COST to you to make these donations. There's no catch I promise. You can click once per day at each site. How easy is that? Nowhere else can you make a difference by simply clicking a button. Please donate everyday and tell others about these sites as well. Together we can help make a difference.
(The buttons below will take you to each site where you click their button to make the donation)

The Hunger Site The Animal Rescue Site The Breast Cancer Site The Child Health Site The Rainforest Site

Here are two more:

Click at this site to Donate Bibles

Click at this site to Donate Food to Children in Argentina

Here are even more "Donate for free" sites:

Also, if you shop online, you can sign up to send up to 15% of the purchase price to a charity you choose, at no cost to you, at

Thank you and God bless!