"Do-it-yourself how-to's, tips, tricks & ideas"

"Learn how to do stuff you don't know"

Southern Gospetality
Lee County's local Christian bookstore and more

Answer health questions to test your real age

The Fence
"Which side of the fence are you on?"

The Frugal Life
"Learning to live frugally"

Virtual Food Fight
Throw food at your friends

The Hunger Site
Donate food for free just by clicking a button.

Dancing Paul
You have the power to make Paul dance.

"The cool place for health".

The 9 to 5 Cafe
"Free games, entertainment and stress relief".

The Rip-off Report
Consumers list businesses that have
ripped them off. Read and/or add
your own rip-off experience(s).
"Your Online Legal Resource"
"People who have been fired, layed off, let go, or quit their job."

The Idiot Files
"Real People, True Stories, Free Stuff"
"The Centre for the Easily Amused"
The names says it all...
Bored? Not at this site.
Just about anything you want to know.
Animated greetings and fun stuff.
Wanna learn something new? This is the place.
Ever done something foolish that seemed like a good idea at the time? Share your story here or read other peoples mishaps.

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