I recently saw a letter to the editor in the Kingsport Times from someone wanting ATV trails constructed. He states that if someone is afraid of flooding they can "just have the district put in a drainage system so their land won't be affected by the trail". First off, correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't ATV stand for "All Terrain Vehicle"? Doesn't that mean they are to go where other vehicles do not go? Then why pray tell do they need a "trail" constructed? And secondly, you can't "just have" the district do anything. And why should people make allowances like that because someone wants to go riding on a man-made path instead of riding it as it's meant for... ALL TERRAIN. Give me a break! What good are those things if you have to have pretty little paths to ride them on? Find a mountain and climb it for goodness sakes. There are plenty of places in Lee County to ride those things so I see no need to go making more and causing others trouble just so you'll have a place to ride more smoothly. If that's what you want, the town of Pennington spent a ridiculous amount of money that could have went for something worthwhile to make bike trails, so getcha one of those and cruise on.